Indoor Air Quality: What can be measured in the air?

Good indoor air quality offers many benefits: It creates attractive and safe workplaces and helps to save costs in the long term. Thus, good indoor air quality determines the productivity, health and performance of employees – and helps to reduce costs in building management in the long term.

How to properly ventilate?

How do you ventilate correctly? Countless experts have already investigated this question and come to similar conclusions: Ventilate at regular intervals and observe all factors for healthy indoor air, this protects the health and performance of people in closed rooms.

Healthy Interiors

Good air is crucial to human well-being and yet it is often given too little attention. However, it influences both the cognitive abilities and the productivity of employees in companies.

Product Update Sept 2021 - Highlights

Use our public API and make indoor air quality (IAQ) data available, everywhere. Picture this: You enter the meeting room area for an ad hoc meeting. At first glance on the room management display, you know which rooms are available sorted according to the IAQ status. Choose the room and ensure best conditions to have a productive meeting.

Product Updates - Highlights from July 2021

Last month, our dev team and our product took huge step in maturity. Besides the base functionality as scalability and performance of the app as well as semi-automated administration for better supply chain, we're now getting much closer to what Airica really is.