Teachers demand CO2 measuring devices in classrooms

With the start of the new school year and the beginning of the cooler season, the umbrella organization of teachers is calling for the use of CO2 measuring devices.

Quelle: https://www.srf.ch/play/tv/redirect/detail/051d9a96-7bd5-4ec8-8928-5d140b8cb713?startTime=862


The benefit of CO2 measuring devices for reducing the risk of virus transmission has now been sufficiently proven in international studies. But which is the right CO2 measuring device for my application?

There are many solutions on the market for measuring CO2. The different prices of the solutions are based in particular on the following factors:

  • CO2-measurement: The correct measurement of CO2 in the air is complex, and the technologies used vary. AIRICA uses high precision sensors with NDIR technology as recommended by the Covid 19 Taskforce.
  • Temperature and humidity: In addition to CO2-measurement, temperature and humidity are also relevant. Warm, dry air, common indoors in winter, is conducive to virus transmission.
  • Recording of data: Recording the data enables detailed evaluations with which, for example, ventilation systems can be correctly adjusted.
  • Calibration of sensors: The CO2-sensor in particular must recalibrate regularly, otherwise the measured values will no longer be correct after a few months. With AIRICA sensors, this is done automatically every week.

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More than a traffic light system: Evaluating the data

Recording the data shows in a clear way in which rooms the air quality is a problem.


Thanks to AIRICA, any room can be analyzed over any period of time. These evaluations allow individual usually significantly more cost-effective improvements to be made.



AIRICA is future-proof: integration into ventilation systems

AIRICA API can be connected to decentralized and centralized ventilation and filtration systems by means of AIRICA.connect. Thanks to the sensors, the ventilation system in the room can be controlled. In case of high occupancy, the air volume is increased, and in case of low or no occupancy, it is reduced. This enables energy savings.


AIRICA has many years of experience and the right partners

Our sensors are distributed in thousands of rooms and record over 1 million measured values per day. We can also rely on long-term partners, who can subsequently improve the air quality in individual rooms with air purification devices and air filter systems.